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Spenden marathon 2022

Lessons from Andreas - Part 2

I learnt the following lessons during my awesome encounter with Andreas:

1) there’s always someone out there who is facing AND overcoming bigger obstacles than you are facing at the current moment .

2) like Andreas’ goal to finish the Tour - follow whatever “red light” it is you need to follow with laser focus to acheive your goal

3) when we experience unforeseen setbacks ( like Andreas’ crash), dust yourself , check on the team around and carry on following the “red light”.

It’s ok be to shaken up and “go quiet” while you gather yourself, but be sure that you let the team know that “alles is gud!”, when you’re getting back on track.

4) enjoy the journey … Andreas’ joyful yodelling and singing whilst plummeting down the side of the Le Col Grand Balon at 60kph will live with me forever !

Chapeau Andreas … Chapeau👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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